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Enny Adekemi

I am Enny Adekemi,

 Managing director G&M Fashion Academy ,creative director G&M Fashion Empire . 

A fashionpreneur ,a successful dressmaker who has been in the fashion business and tutoring for years now. 

At G&M Fashion Academy our mission is to teach you all you need to know in fashion designing, improve your sewing skills and help you to upgrade by scaling your fashion business thereby increasing your profits.

We have trained hundreds of students  both offline and online space . Our online courses are specially made to suit all course level purposes either you are a beginner or an existing fashion designer in both male and female clothing.

Our core value at G&M Fashion academy is to train and impact more lives by training  thousands of fashion designers both aspiring and the existing ones to upgrade their sewing skills and scale in their fashion businesses.

Join G&M FASHION ACADEMY tribe today and begin to enjoy unlimited information in the fashion world and double your profits with no stress.