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Osby Isibor

Osby Isibor

Osby Isibor is a former news editor at LEADERSHP, and PEOPLES DAILY Newspapers, Abuja, Nigeria. He is a PR and Communications expert, digital publisher, writer, trainer and info-business coach.
Osby teaches writers, content creators, coaches, speakers, service-based professionals and other subject experts “HOW to MONETIZE their EXPERTISE and leverage the power of information and content to create income and impact”.
He is the author of FIVE (5) Best-selling books – Governance: Through A Journalist’s Prism, Launch Your Digital Product, Teach Your Skills Online, Accelerated eBook Publishing, and The Art Of Monetizing Your Knowledge.
He has also developed several highly-acclaimed courses such as the Knowledge Income Masterclass, Launch Your Digital Product, Mastering Digital Publishing, and Online Course Mastery among others.
Osby is also the producer and trainer of the world-famous Christian Youth Entrepreneurship Summit, Digital Entrepreneurship Workshop and the Infopreneur Business School.