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Remi B.

So, you have tremendous potential and drive, but seem to be held back by limiting beliefs, low self-confidence, and a persistent life story that keeps you stuck in a rut.


 Hi, I'm Remi B. 

I am a certified life coach; I help individuals change how they view their past and re-write their life’s story. I will help you envision a compelling future and see current and future challenges as opportunities.

My mission is to help you Get Insight, Get Clarity and Take Action - to create the future you deserve and desire.

We are all natural story-tellers, we tell stories about who we are and what happened to us. We tell stories about others; we tell stories about life.  However, our life stories are exactly that, stories. These stories are not who we are. Most of them aren’t even true, sometimes the story we tell about ourselves are born out of unfortunate things that happen to us, but that is not who we are.  Nevertheless, we continue to tell them out of habit. 

Unfortunately, we become what we say, and so we continue to carry them around, disseminating those stories and the effects into our future.  

Our life story is the key to success, a clear roadmap that can reveal how we got to where we are today and a clear indication of where we’re going. 

Does your story serve you well? 

If you want to create and enjoy the life that you desire, your need to embark on a consistent personal development journey.

I create Personal Development Digital products, such as eBooks (including workbooks) and online courses to help you create and enjoy the life you deserve. I also offer one-to-one Life Coaching and e-Coaching (e-mails) Programs.

My fundamental overture is to provide you with tools that will empower you to ignite your dreams, unleash your potential and fulfil your purpose. 

Join my tribe today, and enjoy a daily dose of inspiration and motivation.