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Blessing Egan

Hi, I'm Egan Blessing,


My mission is to help single and married attain a blissful and happy romantic relationship. if you are confused about sex, relationship or marriage I can set you on the right path.

I teach students and 1:1 Clients clients from all over the world in various topics such as How to get the right spouse, common relationship mistakes, Things I wish I knew before my wedding day, Relationship red flags, Wrong communication pattern in romantic relationship, How to eat her up and keep her wanting more, How to suck his dick like a Pro.

My core offer is to help you enjoy your romantic relationship without difficulty.


See some of my best courses below. 

I suggest you begin with my free ebooks “How to date and build a lasting Relationship” 

Get started now. Tomorrow will be too late for you.

12 Total Students
  • Enyidede Onuoha
  • Temitope Akinduro
  • Nengak Godwin
  • Mich Dot
  • Onwe Caleb

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