About us

We built Kobocourse to help African content creators easily scale their online coaching business without the usual hassle.

Our Story

As a content creator in Africa, one of problems we identified was the need to monetize digital content.

A lot of the platforms available didn't factor Africa as a potential hub for profitable digital content creation and so we decided to create one.

Kobocourse is the idea of two siblings, one with a knack for clicking away at the keyboard and the other, a natural born creative.

Meet the founders

And YES, we are siblings

Keno Alordiah
Keno Alordiah


I am a sucker for breaking and fixing things, that's probably how I got into website development in the first place and what a journey it has been, one that I am particularly proud of.

As a graduate of Geology (B.Tech), I never saw myself wearing a helmet and walking around the jungle with a compass, looking for what isn't lost and hoping not to get lost myself.

My first love has always been software development and helping businesses design and scale their online presence, that is what i've been doing since 2008.

Keno Alordiah
Eva Alordiah


I am a Hiphop Artiste, Poet, Author and Digital Business Strategist. My mission is to empower women to earn money teaching what they know and leveraging Social media to grow their influence, impact & income.

I am a key creative strategist at KoboCourse and my experience with digital courses have proven invaluable to the development of the platform.