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We built Kobocourse to help African content creators easily scale their online coaching business without the usual hassle.

Our Story

As a content creator in Africa, one of the problems we identified was the need to monetize digital content.

A lot of the platforms available didn't factor Africa as a potential hub for profitable digital content creation and so we decided to create one.

Kobocourse is the idea of two siblings, one with a knack for clicking away at the keyboard and the other, a natural born creative.

Meet the founders

And YES, we are siblings

Keno Alordiah
Keno Alordiah


I am a creative website designer and developer, digital marketer (PPC, Facebook and Instagram), SEO and Content Marketing enthusiast.

I love helping businesses design and scale their online presence to increase conversions and get more customers without the usual hassle.

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Keno Alordiah
Eva Alordiah


I am a Hiphop Artiste, Poet, Author and Digital Business Strategist. My mission is to empower women to earn money teaching what they know and leveraging Social media to grow their influence, impact & income.

I am a key creative strategist at KoboCourse and my experience with digital courses have proven invaluable to the development of the platform.

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