7 Secrets Of Wildly Profitable Online Courses That The Experts Don’t Want You To Know

7 Secrets Of Wildly Profitable Online Courses That The Experts Don’t Want You To Know

Now is the time to really focus on producing very intentional and valuable online courses that people are happy to throw their credit cards on.


In today’s Digital decade, creating and selling your own online courses and educational resources might well be the difference between experts who earn more money online and those who don’t.

If you were on the other side of the fence in 2020 when the dreadful pandemic sent the world into an enforced quarantine and state of emergency, I bet you knew that you needed to act fast and pivot quickly. 

Many online coaches and course creators recorded more profits in their online business in a pandemic year than any other. 


Because everyone was suddenly stuck at home and online, browsing the Internet in an endless search of things to do, Ebooks to download and Courses to sign up for.

Was that you? Or were you on the producer side of the fence where course creators were recording a huge spike in revenue? 

If you do not currently have an online course, a profitable Ebook or a membership that your audience can opt into, this may well be the time to really decide what you can offer to the ever demanding online learning market.

It is currently projected to be worth a ridiculous 350 Billion Dollars in 2025. Yep! That’s Billion with a capital B.

I assure you, you cannot afford to be absent from the list of experts who take advantage of this flourishing industry which clearly has shown no signs of slowing down.

Now is the time to really focus on producing very intentional and valuable online courses that people are happy to throw their credit cards on. Have you created an online course already or just about to?

Hang on tight cause in the following pages, I will expose the 7 Best Kept Secrets of Online Courses that profit their creators again and again, year in and year out. 

Are you ready? Let’s jump in.


1. Choose No Competition

Competition is great. In fact, you should seek competition. But when creating online courses, you want to create a product that no one has thought about or presented in the way that you will. The way to do this is by being so super-specific that even your competition would not have thought about it.

This is what I mean.

Create a Course that goes several levels deep. 

  1. How To Make Money As A Baker
  2. How To Make Money As A Cake Bake
  3. How To Make Money As A Wedding Cake Baker
  4. How To Make Money From Home As A Wedding Cake Baker 

If you pay close attention, you’ll immediately realize how super niche specific this is. If you are a baker and have an idea for an online course, simply going with title #1 will have you swimming in a sea of so many other course creators. 

In fact, your ideal students would rather go to youtube to find the information than invest in your course.

By going 4 Levels deeper in your title, topic choice and audience targeting, you not only remove yourself from a pool of other creators and courses out there, you immediately stand out.

What ideas are you working on right now and how can you go several levels deeper in your targeting that you only attract the very best and high-value students? 

This is the very first secret of a profitable course. Once you nail this bit, everything else is simpler.


2. Value is greater than marketing

When creating online courses, most course creators make the poor mistake of creating fluffy products that do not help their students take action. They patch course content together haphazardly and throw it onto their course hosting platform without a thought about how their students receive the content.

When people pay for online courses and training materials, they are not only paying for the information (which honestly can be found anywhere) they are also paying for the accountability that they expect your course to hold them by.

When you create something so valuable that it spurs people into action, they are most likely going to get the results you promised them and this, in turn, will be leveraged in your marketing. 

Instead of focusing on course sales alone and finding people to sell to, successful course creators focus on creating a product so valuable that the students themselves sell it for them.


3. Community is key

Understand that the idea of an online course is to create a digital version of what it could be like to learn from you in person. As a coach, expert or course creator, what type of experience are you hoping to give to your students. This is exactly what they are buying into, an experience with you. 

An easy way to do 1% more than your competition is to create a community group on Facebook for example. Some course creators even take it one step further and create Membership sites. With a membership site, you not only have an on-going experiential business, you also create the opportunity for yourself to earn recurring revenue every single month or quarter depending on what you choose.

With a course hosting site like Kobocourse.com, you could set up your own membership site literally in minutes, add courses, resources, articles and whatever else you want your students to have access to.

Pay attention to building a real community with your students. This really goes beyond simply having people buy your course. It’s the difference that makes the difference in having students who will become advocates for your brand and repeat customers over time. More money for you as a result in the long run.


4.  Done is better than perfect

This Secret is the reason so many course creators and coaches who are successful today are where they are. If you complicate the process you will only delay yourself from earning with your courses right now. 

The most important thing you must understand about digital products is you can always, always, always go back to change things, update things, remove things, add new files, start afresh. 

But what you cannot afford to do is allow perfection to stop you from putting out your own online course right now.

If you already have the solution that someone needs, you are more than ready to create and sell your own online course right now.

Do not try to be perfect. 

Perfection does not exist. 

Some of the most profitable courses today started as video files recorded on an iPhone

Your students want a step by step solution. Create it now. Update it later.


5. Make it, Invest it, Keep it

Successful course creators know that they can scale their course success with Advertising. This is one of the most critical aspects of making more money with your courses. 

Once your course has been validated by your initial students and buyers, investing the proceeds back into scaling your course sales with Ads might well be one of the best investments you need.

With Facebook advertising, reaching the exact people who will need your course and buy it has never been easier. 

So make some money from your course, invest it into Ads, so you can make more money that is all yours to keep.


6. Price to value

One of the critical decisions you will make about your course is the price to set. How much is too much? How much is too little? What are people willing to pay? The truth is, it is never one size fits all when it comes to pricing your online course. 

You do want to pay attention to your market though and see what others are charging for their courses. But the beautiful aspect of online businesses and course creation is, you determine what the right price is. 

You must never Price your course based on how many modules are in it, or how easy you think the information is for you. Instead, you should price to Value. 

This simply means to think about the type of transformation you are promising your students and what you are actually going to help them achieve.

How important is this information?

How rare is it to find this? 

This is why I said in the beginning, the most profitable course is the one that only you can create. With no competition, high demand and valuable resources, the price you set are all up to your imagination.

Key tip: Start as low as is comfortable for you and continue to increase the price as time goes on.


7. Your audience first

Your number one asset online is your audience. But do you really have an audience if they are all sitting on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube? Yes and No.

The best advice I’ll give you about making money online, whether from online courses or not is to build your own Audience. 

And not just to have your audience on Social media but to also have your audience in your Email lists.

So many skip this step and this is the most paramount for any online business. You need an audience to sell to.

In our cake baking example, first, you want to begin by creating content that solidifies you as a cake baker and expert. 

Next, you want to begin to answer questions your audience is asking in your content. This is why content marketing is one of the most important aspects of your online business. And while you are growing your audience on Instagram or whatever you choose, you must endeavour to have your own email list.

The money is on the list. 

Yes. But even more so, the money is in a list that you engage with. 

So do not just build a list, make sure to send weekly emails so you don’t end up like the poor course creators who only send out a mail when they are trying to make a sale.

And there you have it!

7 Powerful Secrets that you must not let out of your mind as you begin to grow your coaching business and course empire.

Whether you are creating Ebooks, Online Courses, 1:1 Coaching Services or Memberships, Email Marketing, Ticket sales and more, you need a dedicated all-in-one course hosting provider for your Business. 

The biggest mistake you’ll make is choosing the wrong platform. 

Read that again cause it is true!

If you are ready to make more money in your business this year and have a singular focused website that houses everything you create, click here now to signup to Kobocourse for a free account



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