Ebooks Vs Video Courses Vs Memberships - Which Format is Best For You?

Ebooks Vs Video Courses Vs Memberships - Which Format is Best For You?

There are so many ways to create educational resources to monetize your knowledge online.


There are so many ways to create educational resources to monetize your knowledge online. The medium you choose to share your knowledge will really depend on; 

  1. What you are trying to achieve, 
  2. how you like to teach or how best the information should be shared.

Someone who is teaching “How To Create Graphics in Photoshop” might do better creating this as a video course instead of an Ebook. 

Ebooks are generally easier to produce and you can create them on your own without needing third party help or paying for anything in fact. 

Many creators and coaches who decide to present their programs and courses as Ebooks do so mainly because of ease of use and delivery.

For many beginners in online education, Ebooks are a great way to go as they make it easy for you to get your ideas out into the world quickly.

Video courses on the other hand are a more intensive approach to Education. You will need to create several modules of content depending on how vast your information is. 

They are also time-intensive and require more effort to create and produce.

Online video courses can include several educational resources like Worksheets, Templates, Ebooks, Audio, Video, and some coaches even take it a step further with access to coaching calls and a community group.

So Which format is best for you?

This is up to you to decide. If the information you are trying to sell is easy to digest and consume and may not require any more than reading to comprehend it then Ebooks may be a great choice for you.

Many Ebooks can be converted into video courses down the line but if you are needing something simple that can be created quickly, they are a really good option.

You also do not need to be a professional writer to create an Ebook course that your audience would buy. The entire premise of creating Educational resources and monetizing online is really simple- To pass the information you have, to the person who needs it and get paid for that exchange.

Many students would prefer to read an Ebook quickly instead of investing hours on an online course. 

Here are a few questions to ask when making your decision between Ebooks and Online Courses:

Do I have the time to invest in creating a well-produced online course?

An online video course might usually take more time to produce than an Ebook and will require more effort to create. If all you have is an idea and you want to get it out into the world quickly then creating an Ebook could well be the better option for you.

Can this information be shared without the need for video?

Some things are better taught with video. A person teaching cake baking for example will make more money creating a step by step Video course than simply creating a Recipes Ebook Guide. 

If the information you have does not require video explanations then Ebooks should be considered

How do I like to teach?

Your teaching style should also be considered when it comes to making a decision on how to present your knowledge to the world. Some people are better at video talking and explaining concepts than simply putting them in writing.

If you love to teach in video and you prefer that style then creating video courses will be worth your while

How much do I want to earn? 

Generally, Ebooks are priced a lot cheaper than online courses. The overall perceived value of a course is co much greater than an Ebook. 

So when you think about that, you may want to consider how much you want to earn from your information.

If you create an online course with more value, you could potentially charge more for your course and would only need to sell it to a few people to make a profit.

Depending on how your Ebook is priced, you would need to sell a lot more Ebooks overtime to make more money.

This is not to say you will make more with online courses. Your capacity to make money with courses whether they be video courses or simple Ebooks will depend entirely on your ability to market and sell your offers.

Who is my ideal student and how would they like to learn this information?

It may be wise to consider the people who will be buying your course when you are making a decision on what to create. 

I had a conversation with a coach who wanted to create a course teaching elderly people how to use social media.

In a case like that of course it would be wiser to create a video course that these people can follow step by step instead of giving them Ebooks to read.

So in your business and for your offers, when you consider your potential students, what do you think will be the best way for them to consume and understand the information you are sharing? 

What resources do I have right now?

When creating Ebooks you will need nothing more than your computer and free software like Google Docs for writing and CANVA for designing.

With Video courses, you will need to have a basic understanding of video editing. If you choose to film with a camera, you will also need filming equipment like a light and a camera.

For this reason, many people opt for the simplest way to create video courses which is screen recording your computer or creating with an app like Zoom.

Whatever you decide is up to you and how versed you are when it comes to the tech.

The Best Of Both Worlds

Many coaches and creators have taken online Education a step further and today, it is beyond simply creating an Ebook or a video course. 

It is about creating a wholesome learning experience that encompasses all types of learning materials plus access to the coach and monthly group activities in a closed community.

This type of educational offer is known as Membership.

With Memberships, you can decide to host all of your training resources on one site, videos, templates, worksheets, Ebooks and even weekly articles.

Your Members will have to pay a monthly or quarterly fee to access the membership content and this is an incredibly great way to add recurring revenue to your business.

Instead of people paying a one-time fee for an Ebook or a Course, they can pay you every month to get access to your resources.

Course creators who succeed with Membership style content are those who ensure that there is something new and exciting for the members each month. 

This could be monthly group calls, access to chats, live training and more.

So if you already have a lot of resources to begin a membership, this is a fantastic option for you as a coach.

You can have your own membership site set up in minutes on Kobocourse.com

All you have to do is sign up, mouse over to your dashboard and click on Memberships to begin.

You will have the option of adding your previously uploaded courses as membership content and locking your membership access behind a monthly or quarterly payment option.

Now that you know about Ebooks, Courses and Memberships, which do you think is best for your business? 

Let us know in the comments below!

Are you ready to begin creating your own courses and hosting your unique Membership experiences? 

Sign up for a free creator account on Kobocourse.com to begin.


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