20 of the Best Online Businesses You Can Start From Home for Free

20 of the Best Online Businesses You Can Start From Home for Free

Having an online business is the smart move to make at a time like this but which business is best for you? When you are just getting started in the online world, it is important to know that all business models can work if you put in the work.


If you are searching for online businesses to start this year or online businesses you can start with no money, you will come up with hundreds of options to choose from.

Having an online business is the smart move to make at a time like this but which business is best for you?

When you are just getting started in the online world, it is important to know that all business models can work if you put in the work.

Most people simply copy other people, without paying attention to what they really care about. A business is a long-term play and as much as possible, you want to ensure you are spending your time doing something you truly care about.

SOURCE: CashOverflow.in

What is the easiest business to start online?

Take it from someone who has tried and failed at many things online, the easiest business to start online with no money is the business of You.

Building and monetizing your own personal brand online is the smart way to get into business now. If you are someone who loves sharing information and teaching others what you know, it is very easy for you to monetize yourself.

We have a full list of 20 Businesses you can start online below. 

Building and Monetizing your personal brand will have you combining several of the business models listed below which makes it even more appealing for most people.

Here’s how I started my online business by growing my personal brand and monetizing myself with digital products.

Sell Your Knowledge Online

If you love teaching others what you know, then the no-brainer online business for you would be to package and sell your knowledge online. It doesn’t matter what your expertise or knowledge is, there are people all over the world who need what you know.

Using a platform like Kobocourse will help you sell your knowledge in so many different ways. You can sell Tickets to your online classes, sell digital courses and coaching, easily sell eBooks, and even host your own Membership sites all from your dashboard on Kobocourse.

When you start growing your social media and getting more followers online, you will need a way to monetize that attention.

For most people, selling their knowledge is the easiest online business to start. You already have an audience who loves and enjoys your content. All you have to do is create your information products on Kobocourse and begin selling today.

Start today with a Free Kobocourse account.

Sell Online Courses

We have talked about online courses briefly in the last point, but let’s focus on this as its own thing. In the years to come, the business of education will be mostly online. 

It already is! 

And the online education industry is not slowing down. 

According to ThinkImpact, in 2021, 75% of US schools have planned to operate completely online and 46% of institutions offered independent or remote study options for foreign students.

What does this mean for you as an expert on your topic?

You have the wild opportunity to take anything you know now, create your own online course and earn money working from the comfort of your home.

Estimates are that the worldwide eLearning market will be worth $325 billion by 2025 according to Thrivemyway.

SOURCE: WeForum.Org

And if you are curious, here's a breakdown of how much you can make from creating and selling online courses.

As more and more people adopt the Internet for learning, there will be a surge in the demand for specific knowledge. 

You can rest assured that if you take the plunge and create your own online course, you’ll be at the forefront of creators who claim a stake in the eLearning boom!

If you are an African creator, click here to Start selling your online courses the easy way on Kobocourse.

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Start a Blog

Starting a blog is a great way to share your knowledge with the world, prove your expertise in a specific subject area and make money online. 

Although starting and growing a blog can prove to be painstaking in the beginning, it is certainly one of the most profitable online businesses when done right.

SOURCE: WpBeginner.com

You can get started by simply purchasing your own domain name and paying for blog hosting on a site like Bluehost for less than $5.

There are so many resources online to help you start a blog the right way but our top picks are Adam Enfroy.

Sell Digital Products

In the digital world, people want to buy digital products. These are products that can be sold and delivered solely online. The barrier to entry is also very low and all you need to deliver your digital product and get paid online is software like Kobocourse.

There are so many types of digital products you can create and the only limitation is really your own creativity. If you want more options, here is a comprehensive list of 32 of the Best Digital products you can create to make money online.

Grow a Youtube Channel

If you are someone who doesn’t mind being on camera and is not camera shy, then growing a Youtube channel is one of the top online businesses you can start. However, you must think about Youtube as a business, not just as a hub for posting any type of video you want.

If you really want to make money online and take this as a serious business, you want to seriously think about Utility. Your chances of making money are significantly higher when you choose to create something that is useful for people.

SOURCE: Christian Weidiger via Unsplash

So think of YouTube as a business tool to grow your personal brand. 

Also, consider how people use Youtube today. Most people go on YouTube to search for answers to their questions.

Sharing your knowledge and experience on subjects and topics you care about, in a way that answers people’s most burning questions is how you win the game of Youtube.

Grow Niche communities on Instagram

Niche social media communities are a very lucrative asset in the digital economy today. Growing an audience on Instagram can prove easy for you if you understand how Instagram works.

People want to use Instagram for short bites of information, entertainment, and inspiration. All you have to do is choose a combination of these audience needs and use your content to deliver value.

Eventually, when you grow your Instagram page past 1000 followers, you can begin to monetize and earn money on the platform.

So many coaches earn money on Instagram by selling their coaching services, online courses, eBooks, and other digital products.

The key here is to treat Instagram as a business and focus on one type of audience per Instagram page so that it becomes easy to Monetize when you are ready.

Content Creation

With the rise of content consumption online over the past few years, Content creation has quickly become a high-value skill online. Businesses and Entrepreneurs invest hundreds of thousands of dollars every year into content creation services.


Online content is the bread and butter for most businesses, especially those who do not want to invest in paid advertising.

If you are someone with great content creation and design skills, you can quickly become profitable by selling your services as a content creator.

Advertising Management

As long as there are businesses with something to sell, advertising is not going anywhere. Millions of Dollars are spent on advertising every day online and the people who win on the backend are those who know how to run successful Ads.

SOURCE: DigitalSchoolofMarketing.co.za

Whether on Google, Youtube or Facebook, paid advertising is here to stay.

If you are proficient at managing and scaling businesses by running effective Ad campaigns, you will do very well in a business like this.

SEO Services

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is a cool term to describe how well a website ranks in Google search results. Having a website is not enough. Websites need to be able to show up on search results so they can take advantage of the huge opportunity of free traffic.

Like paid advertising, this is a most valuable asset for any business. This is why those who are skilled in SEO are one of the highest-paid people in the digital world.

Start a Podcast

For those who do not want to spend hours writing a blog, or growing a Youtube channel, starting a podcast is as simple as turning up your recorder and recording yourself speaking. Today, there are several podcast hosts to choose from and a platform like Anchor lets you start and host a podcast completely for free.

All you need is an idea worth sharing and a willingness to share these ideas on a consistent basis. Speaking is relatively easy for most people. If you can’t articulate your ideas with writing, perhaps you may want to consider starting a podcast!

Social Media Management

Every business has a social media page but not all businesses are proficient at social media marketing. This is not only a lucrative online business to start, it is also always in high demand. As a social media manager, you will be responsible for the day-to-day interactions on a business page, as well as curating, creating, and sometimes developing their content strategy.

The more digital skills you have, the easier it becomes to charge more and be valued highly in the marketplace.


As more and more people sell online, the need for Copywriters will only continue to rise. Copywriting is any piece of writing that is done to persuade a reader to buy a product or service. Literally, everything in the business world is Copywriting. Businesses need sales pages, sales content, marketing materials, and so on.

You can easily learn how to write high-converting copy online, or by taking simple-to-follow courses like this one.

Anyone can learn how to write copy. If you take this seriously, you can become a most sought-after Copywriter in just a few years of dedication.

Business Coaching

Having an online coaching business has become one of the most lucrative businesses of the 2020s. 

This is also spurred by the fact that more and more people are turning to specialized experts in specific topics instead of traditional education.

If you are someone who has great insight and proven methodology in business, coaching online is a profitable business to start.

You don’t want to overthink this process in the beginning either.

All you need to start is selling your coaching services as coaching calls. Kobocourse makes it easy for you to sell coaching calls directly from your dashboard. 

You can also host group coaching, and classes or create a Membership site on Kobocourse.

Lead Generation Services

Every business is in the business of sales. Every sale happens because a qualified lead said yes. The gap for most businesses is in having a clear, optimized process for generating leads.

Landing Page Design

Every business online needs a landing page. The people who build these landing pages are one of the most sort after people in the digital space. Most businesses today require several landing pages for different products and offers.

The great part of this business model is you don’t need to know how to code or program websites from scratch. There are several powerful tools online like Clickfunnels, Leadpages, and Convertkit that make building landing pages as simple as drag and drop.

Fortunately for you and me, most people do not want to have to deal with all of the details themselves so they’d rather outsource it.

What you can do is develop your skills in this area, learn a particular software, understand a bit of Copywriting and start selling your services as a landing page builder.

Video Content Production

As more and more people consume video content, the value of this skill will only continue to rise. Most businesses agree that video marketing is required to scale their businesses and get attention online. If you are a creative who understands how to make engaging video content, you are in for fantastic business profits!

Web design

Businesses need websites. Web design has been a high-income skill for as long as the Internet has existed. There are billions of websites on the Internet today, yet more businesses keep springing up and hundreds of millions of new websites are added each year online.

Graphic Design

This is perhaps one of the most lucrative and profitable online businesses to start. Of course, you’ll need a great knowledge of Graphic Design to succeed in this business, but you can easily learn anything if you put your mind to it.


Dropshipping is one of the most popular online businesses today because of the low barrier to entry. Anyone can start an eCommerce dropshipping business but not everyone succeeds in this market. Dropshipping simply refers to an eCommerce model where you are able to sell products without holding physical inventory. You are sort of like a middle man between the customer and the manufacturers.

Your customers buy from you, pay you, and you in turn pay the manufacturers to dropship the products to the buyer.

You can already see why this is such a lucrative business for most people.

There are tons of tutorials and guides online to help you if you need to learn more about this


Here are a few other guides to help you today:

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