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101 Common Blogging Mistakes: And Smart Fixes

101 Common Blogging Mistakes: And Smart Fixes

Are you at an all-time low with your blog? Are you at that point … Read more

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Are you at an all-time low with your blog? Are you at that point where you feel really frustrated and want to quit blogging?

Well, you are not alone. I've been there before, likewise, the other 27 online marketing experts who contributed immensely to this handbook and they can categorically analyze their frustrations in a whole book. This informed knowledge is what has factually driven us into doing this handbook.

We did not only list the 101 ways we think you are making mistakes that probably have insofar ruined your chances of growing your blog to that point where it becomes extremely successful and make you money online but we also did well to mention some quick and smart fixes for each mistake we figured you might be making. Cool, right?

Part 1: The story that led to the creation of this handbook and I shared five smart ways to fix your mistakes

Part 2: Common blogging mistakes and smart fixes by IM Experts

Part 3: I further took the common blogging mistakes by sharing 10 more fixes

Part 4: Ryan Biddulph, Erik Emmanuelli, Sonia Harris, Harleena Singh, Joy Healey, and a couple of my other expert friends shared their amazing thoughts on how to fix the three (3) common blogging mistakes they see people making.

Part 5: I concluded by sharing five (5) other mistakes I noticed from my travels around the blogosphere. Plus smart fixes for them.

Damie Adeyinka is a vibrant and professional "blog trainer in Lagos", a photographer, retoucher, and a Google-certified Digital Marketing Specialist. His #101CommonBloggingMistakes has been endorsed by Amazon Best Selling Author Ryan Biddulph, Sonia Harris, Emi Koul, Donna Merrill, and Joe Pardo.

This book is definitely worth reading, right?

Find out, by downloading it, and coming back here to leave me a genuine and honest REVIEW. 😍👍📸


2 Reviews

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Damie Shoot

Damie Shoot

I'm a Photographer, Retoucher, and Digital Creator based in Lagos, Nigeria.

I'm committed to helping you look good while scaling … Read more

Peter Odutola

Sep 3, 2020

Best blogging book I have seen in a while. It worth reading, I love it. Thanks Sam!

Solape Kaleni

Jul 31, 2020

The book is top-notch

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