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Have you ever wondered why you don’t succeed in baking your favorite cake?This book … Read more

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Have you ever wondered why you don’t succeed in baking your favorite cake?

This book is definitely for you.

Successful baking means eliminating every potential error as much as possible, and that means making sure your measurements are exact, following the recipe accurately, having the ingredients at the right temperature, following the procedure correctly, using the right equipment and paying attention to details. 

It’s imperative to take the time to follow the recipe instructions in the order they’re presented, and to do them completely and thoroughly. 

These factors mentioned above are very important if you must come up with that yummy, moist cake you desire.

This book shows practical insights on how to bake like a professional, even if you have never baked before.

You will learn about the origin of cakes and how cakes evolved, the varieties of cakes, the ways of preparing cakes, basic cake equipment, the chemistry of cakes, the functions of cake ingredients, common cake problems and 15 secrets on how to bake like a PRO.

This book is the first book every baker must read.

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Virtue Ottoh

Virtue Ottoh

VIRTUE OTTOH is an Impact Driven Entrepreneur and Managing Director of Veeclassic Foods Limited. She is a Cake Designer and … Read more