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Best Ebook Design Guide - Attract More Customers With Better Design

Best Ebook Design Guide - Attract More Customers With Better Design

FREE OFFER CLOSED!!! - Enrol now at 66% discount Getting your ebook design wrong … Read more

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 FREE OFFER CLOSED!!! - Enrol now at 66% discount 

Getting your ebook design wrong will not only affect your reader but can also hurt your sales in unimaginable ways and that is not all, a poorly designed ebook will also make your brand feel unprofessional and cheap.

Imagine all the effort you've made on content research, images, statistic and all, not to mention all your sweat, sleepless nights and several cups of coffee all go to waste because you failed to pay attention to the final presentation of your ebook.

In this ultimate ebook design guide, I will teach you some common design techniques that will make you look like a pro in a short time.

If you've never designed an ebook before, or you have but you're not impressed with your results, this ebook will help you understand what goes into designing highly-profitable ebooks that stop customers in their tracks.

Here is what to expect when you get this ebook design guide;

  • Fundamentals of Great Designs
  • How To Make Your Ebook Easy To Read
  • Using Colours to Win Hearts and Drive Up Sales.
  • Learn The Secret Design Concepts of the Pros.
  • How To Design a Mind-Blowing Ebook Cover That Stops Readers in Their Tracks.
  • Putting It All Together - How To Format Your Ebook
  • Free Ebook Mockup Design Like A Pro (Resource)


Are you ready to create mind-blowing ebook designs that grabs your customers attention and force them to buy your ebooks? I'm sure you are.

Enrol now to download your copy of the Ultimate Ebook Design Guide.

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3 Reviews

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Keno Alordiah

Keno Alordiah

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Julius Omokhunu

Sep 17, 2020

Simple. Insightful. Packed full of new knowledge.

Esther Macaulley

Sep 9, 2020

I loved it! I dunno if you're related to Eva alordiah @creatorials but I'm blessed to read your eBook!

Alero Ayanru

Sep 9, 2020

This is one of my best investments recently, I am already putting what I learnt to work, and I am wowing myself,
Thank you, Keno!

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