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Cape Verde Relocation Guide

Cape Verde Relocation Guide

Whats Inside?With this Cape Verde Relocation Guide:You'll understand why Cape Verde is one of … Read more

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Whats Inside?

With this Cape Verde Relocation Guide:

  • You'll understand why Cape Verde is one of the best relocation options for Nigerians.
  • What it means to relocate to Cape Verde as a Nigerian.
  • The step by step relocation process broken down with associated costs, to simply the process for you
  • Get to know the 9 islands to see which one offers the jobs that are relevant for you.
  • Get detailed information on the cost of living, housing, education system and the mistakes to avoid on the islands.
  • How to apply for residency without a job on-ground 
  • How to start a company, open a bank account and so much more

Who is this guide for?

If you're a Nigerian looking to relocate to a country where:

1. You don't need a job prior to relocating
2. You don't need a visa to relocate
3. Is affordable and low cost 
4. You have access to basic amenities and a higher quality of life
5. You feel safe and are not discriminated against
6. You can be close to Nigeria 
7. Your family can come visit you visa free
Plus you don't mind living the island life

Cape Verde is the perfect country for you!

I moved to Cape Verde from Barbados in February 2020 for a one month stay which slowly turned into me moving here.

So far, I've experienced one of the easiest relocation processes for Nigerians and a much higher quality of life.

My goal with writing this Cape Verde Relocation Guide is to educate Nigerians on other relocation options besides the US, Canada or the United Kingdom.

From applying for a visa extension to opening a bank account and even starting a business, the entire moving process to Cape Verde is stress-free and low cost.

Now I understand why the island motto is "sem estresse" meaning "without stress."

This guide is also for non-Nigerians who are interested in exploring the islands of Cape Verde.

Ready to jump on a plane for your new life in Cape Verde?


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Basilia Frankel

Basilia Frankel

I help Nigerians work smarter, save and relocate for a better life.

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