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Complete WhatsApp Marketing Course 2020

Complete WhatsApp Marketing Course 2020

Have you ever wonder how WhatsApp can help you to make more sales? Do … Read more

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Have you ever wonder how WhatsApp can help you to make more sales? Do you want to know how to use WhatsApp to run your business smoothly and engage regularly with your customers? This video answers it all and reveals to you many other powerful things you can do with WhatsApp.

This is a FULL COURSE on WhatsApp for Marketing and it will be a TWO PARTS Video. 

In Part One (1) - WhatsApp Marketing 101 you will learn the following:

1. Optimizing your WhatsApp Business App for Sales.

2. Setting up your Free Messaging and Quick Replies Tools.

3. The Best Way to Use Broadcast Message for Sales and CRM.

4. Full Guide to Selling on WhatsApp - The Dos and Don'ts.

In the final part WHATSAPP MARKETING 102, you will be learning HOW TO CREATE A PRODUCT CATALOGUE on WhatsApp. This feature is the most powerful feature of WhatsApp for Product Sales.

It's a pity a lot of people don't know about this feature and those who know don't know how to set it up for recurring income. This and many more will be revealed to you in this lesson. So, by the end of this lesson you would have learnt how to:

1. Set up your Product Catalogue

2. Upload your Product Images and the Rule Guiding it.

3. Share your Product Catalogue

4. Update a Catalogue

5. Respond to Customer Requests and Enquiries

This WhatsApp Marketing Course is one of my SmartwithSmartphone Lessons Series. If you purchase this course you will be granted FULL ACCESS to other courses in these series. You will be learning how to be more productive and generate income with your Smartphone.

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