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Echoes from Within

Echoes from Within

ABOUT THE BOOK:The Mind of a Man cannot be vacant, it must be occupied … Read more

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The Mind of a Man cannot be vacant, it must be occupied with messages form the unseen world. It is impulses from Yahweh or messages from the clan of Abbadon. The degree of the dependence of Man to this messages determine the level of affiliation of such Man to such Kingdom (Yahweh’s Tribe or Abbadon’s Tribe.)

How glorious and successful a Man becomes when He meditates on impulses from Yahweh? Yahweh’s impulses only invades the heart of those that believe in CHRIST JESUS and confess CHRIST and Lord of all.

The aftermath of such confession is abundance of messages from the Father of all Spirits. It does not matter the origin of such Man or tribe he belongs, all that matter is the level of dependence on such messages that only blossom in continuous feast on the scriptures.

The Origin of a Man, his confession of CHRIST, the invasion of Yahweh’s thoughts, the hunger for his will that comes after and the unrepentant nature towards Yahweh’s will that accompanies such Man are the pillars of ‘ECHOES FROM WITHIN’.

 ‘ECHOES FROM WITHIN’ is born out of interfaces which were documented and released for everyone after due approval. I pray the Holy Spirit will accompany you has you embark on this journey of Divine Messages.


Johnson Paul Shadrach


Ijaiye, Lagos State.

September 2020


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Shadrach Johnson

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