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Facebook Ads Simplified (Part 2)

Facebook Ads Simplified (Part 2)

"How can I be making money through Facebook Ads?" "I want to know what … Read more

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"How can I be making money through Facebook Ads?" "I want to know what Facebook Ads is all about and how it's done?" "Presently I have a problem with the issue of payment i.e card selection... Really giving me a headache. Can you help?"  

"Tell me all about Facebook Ads", "How can I use Facebook to promote my business..... attract targeted audience..... and more?"  

Do you have similar questions? This online course will provide answers to all your questions regarding Facebook Ads and even giver deeper knowledge of Ads creation.

You will not only be taught how to create Ads but you will also learn how to create a PROFITABLE Ads that will give you high returns for your investment.  

Some of the topics to be covered are:

1. Creating a high converting SALES PROCESS (FUNNEL) that keeps bringing in new customers and retaining the existing ones.

2. Developing forward-ever ADS OBJECTIVES.

3. Top industries FACEBOOK ADS METHODS.

4. Setting up a hassle-free FACEBOOK ADS ACCOUNT that allows you to pay after running your ads.

5. Using Facebook ADS MANAGER successfully.

6. Generating QUALITY LEADS with Facebook Ads.

7. Writing AD COPY that sells.

8. The ultimate guide to FACEBOOK ADS DIMENSION.


10. Revealing the THREE STAGES OF FACEBOOK ADS of successful companies.

11. The secret behind FACEBOOK ADS RETARGETING.

12. Double your Ads returns with CUSTOM AUDIENCES.


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