This 50 page Information product breaks down actionable strategy to help any working class … Read more

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This 50 page Information product breaks down actionable strategy to help any working class millennial who earns an income of N100,000 and above generate Six figure passive income in the shortest period of time using 3 simple steps.

You will learn how to save, grow and invest your money through intelligent investing so that you can live a life free of financial worries.

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4 Reviews

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Hassan kayode Balogun

Hassan kayode Balogun

I am online Business Consultant, Personal Development Coach, and Banker currently living in Abuja, Nigeria.My interests range from Innovation to … Read more

Adejoke Adeyemi

Oct 3, 2020

This is the best book I have read in recent times and I can't get over it, so explicit and very detailed with life practical examples about financial security that can easily be digested. Though I wish I had come across this earlier than now but better late than never they say. It gives re-orientation and a charge that there is nothing you cannot achieve financially when you put your mind to it but in a very disciplined manner. Very articulated and steps to attaining Financial security & Freedom well broken down to the lowest level. I will recommend this book over and over again for everyone striving to become Great in Life, because it will help reshape your thinking and strategy to making it big in Life. Expecting more insightful books from the writer!

Godwin Nweke

Sep 24, 2020

This book has the WOW factor to it. Every detail about investment and finances are broken down to little bits. I recommend it to everyone and anyone who is starting his/her journey into investment and financial literacy..


Aug 15, 2020

The book has shown me that no matter how hard things may seem, it can always be broken down into smaller terms.
I was able to understand how financial literacy works and how to apply it my everyday life.
What a fantastic book!

Abdulkadir Olayinka

Jul 25, 2020

This is one of the best financial book I've read so far this year. It broke down step by step ways of having financial freedom in a simplest way. U can only understand what I'm saying by getting your copy. It worth every penny spent on it. Kudos to the Author. Expecting more books from u pls

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