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A Guide on How to get the most out of Your Introduction/Wedding Ceremony Creatives (Stylists, Make-Up Artist, Photographer and Videographer)

In the five years of being a Photographer, I have seen many of my clients who did not get value for their money spent on Styling, Make-up, Photography, Videography and allied services on their wedding day because no one told them what to expect/demand from the vendors or what the vendors expect/demand from them. Many end up without pictorial documentation of their day because the vendors hired disappointed in one way or the other or they themselves (the couple) reneged on agreements made with the vendors. These disappointments could be two-way routed.  

It is generally believed that these marital ceremonies are usually one of the highpoints in the celebrants’ lives (especially the bride) hence the need for topnotch service delivery on the part of the creatives. There are various factors that contribute to defects in the service delivery which include inordinate make-up, last minute garment adjustments or accessory mismatch/damage, delays in arrival of vendors, obstruction of work flow of vendor, unavailability of the celebrants because they are excessively involved in the planning on the main day, emotional swings, family members’ interferences and many more.

This guide is aimed at educating prospective couples on various ways of getting the most out of their creatives (most especially photographers/videographers) on their big day. The guides can apply to all vendors engaged for your wedding.

In this book, you will learn

1. How to choose your creatives

2. How to communicate and plan with your creatives

3. How to maximize every minute of your special day


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