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How to Use Instagram For Business

How to Use Instagram For Business

Sales is a process: before people can buy from you, they need to know, … Read more

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Sales is a process: before people can buy from you, they need to know, like and trust you. And every part of your Instagram should make the process easier.

From your user name to your profile picture, to your bio, highlight then your feed should help build trust.

Imagine your target audience coming to your page and they are clear on exactly what you do. Everything on your page makes it easier for them to trust you. Yes, that is possible. Learn how to turn your Instagram page to a sales funnel.


This ebook will help you understand:

  • Why Instagram?
  • How to hack attention on Instagram
  • Define your niche; who do you want to serve?
  • Research your niche: what are they doing? How are they doing it? What are they missing? How can you do it differently? Standing out is the idea
  • Choose your content pillars
  • Get on Instagram
  • Set up the Instagram page: User name, Profile picture, Bio; link in bio, Highlight
  • The Instagram features and how to use it: story, feed, IG TV, Live, Reels, Captions
  • How to create an Instagram strategy and metrics you should be looking out for
  • The Know, Like, Trust factor
  • Instagram Algorithm


Bonus: Understanding your audience master class and worksheet

  • How to plan your Instagram content


Take the guesswork out of your Instagram for business. Learn how to hack attention on Instagram, set up your page right, and how to use the features to your advantage.

Learn how to make Instagram work for you



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