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MASTER INSTAGRAM GROWTH - How to Grow from 0 - 5000 Followers Fast

MASTER INSTAGRAM GROWTH - How to Grow from 0 - 5000 Followers Fast

The Ultimate Instagram Growth plan with secret strategies to help you Increase your Engagement … Read more

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The Ultimate Instagram Growth plan with secret strategies to help you Increase your Engagement and Grow your Followers. My Strategy for growing 20,000 Followers in 5 Months!

Stop trying to do it on your own, wasting time and getting frustrated that your Instagram is not growing and your followers keep unfollowing. 

I have Mastered the Instagram Game and now I want to help you do the same. 

These are the same strategies I have used to grow my network of over 400,000 Followers on Instagram across 6 Different pages in diverse Niches and Audiences.

So I have tested this several times and I know they work.


  1. How to set up your Instagram Profile for success
  2. How to position yourself as an expert so people follow you
  3. How to discover your Niche
  4. How to Write captions so that people engage with you
  5. How to Hunt your followers and get them to follow you
  6. The secret Hashtag Hacking strategies to get your Hashtags working
  7. The Engagement strategy the Pros use to grow their pages


and so much more.

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14 Reviews

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Creatorialz Eva

Creatorialz Eva

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Aisha Omoniyi

May 10, 2020

I really wasn't sure I'd learn something new but I learnt a lot of strategies that I will definitely start implementing. Thank you Eva. I got this at a steal just for being signed up to your mailing list. Damn! Life is good

May 10, 2020

To be better,you must be willing to learn constantly. I really learnt a whole lot from this course, not only was it straight forward but impactful as well. I can’t wait to use all this knowledge ☺️ Thank you Eva,More knowledge to you.

May 10, 2020

Loved her execution and explanation. Really relatable and educative. Eager to start growing my following.

Adelέ A

May 11, 2020

Hi Eva,

Thank you for a well detailed & explanatory course on the Instagram hacks. I can’t wait to put to action what I have learnt here & to share my growth with you soon.

Thank You

Bridget Otubu

May 11, 2020

This is so mind blowing...

Omagbemi Amiwero

May 11, 2020

Thank you Eva... this is really amazing. I’m as excited as you are.

Ona Alordiah

May 14, 2020

I just came out from a higher value lecture and I'm so excited to put into practice all that has been shared.
If you seriously want to grow your page and tired of doing trial and error like me🥴 this course would be worth your penny and time!
There so much I learnt especially the story highlight game and engagement game.
As I listened through the course I had this deep inner conviction that this information came from a place of mastery and I was so assured in my spirit that the only thing left for me to win at my Instagram is to put in the work.
So I'm off..Bye
Thank you, Eva,
Please how do I navigate to the description menu for the link on how to set up my story highlights?

Wunmi Kolawole

May 16, 2020

This is fantastic! Though I already have over 10k followers, I was still curious enough to buy the course because I followed your growth journey. About a month or less ago, I stumbled on your creatorialz page on IG and I just thought to myself “this is good content” but didn’t follow immediately, few days after it popped up again and I said you know what, let me follow and one thing that struck me was that you had below 7k followers initially and they had grown to 9k in just a few days. Then, earlier this week I saw had like 12k followers and I was like, WOWZA! and now you have almost 16k! Who is better to show one the way than someone who can show workings? I’m excited to learn the little things I’ve omitted over the years and I can’t wait to write to you about how much they have worked because I’m getting to work ASAP!
Thank you so much, EVA!

Avia Grierson

May 23, 2020

OH WOW!!! This is hands down the best course i've ever purchased, no fluff straight to the point with strategies that are easy to implement. Yes my heart is skipping beats because i'll stepping out of my comfort zone. This really proves that you don't know what you don't know. She definitely gave me what I didn't get from the 365 million free youtube videos I watched on how to grow your IG account.

Oluwatosin Taiwo

Jun 3, 2020

Eva ! This is Marvellous stuff! Hacking Instagram and mastering the game . thanks so much . Really need to sit down and listen over and over 🔥🔥🔥

Taneshia .

Jun 12, 2020

I loved this course. It was short, sweet and straight to the point, which I liked-being the fact that I’m a mompreneur and my time is very limited.I used the hashtag groups carefully respecting the course guidelines and saw instant results.I saw an increase in my followers and a jump in my impressions. I haven’t fully mastered it all yet, but I’m sure that I’m well on my way if I remain consistent.


Kosi Molokwu

Jun 19, 2020

Very powerful course. This is indeed an investment! Thank God I joined the class

Jessica Ezeokonkwo

Jun 19, 2020

There was a lot I don’t know about Instagram and how it works. I don’t regret my investment at all

Rakiya Omeiza

Jun 25, 2020

Thank you Eva!! This was so insightful with so much to learn 🤗

Eboseremen Ailenotor

Eboseremen Ailenotor May 10, 2020

So, I run a personal Instagram page and I want to build a brand as an Instagram Account Manager. However I also post content as pertaining to blogging, content creating and self development. Is this a mess? Do I create separate accounts? What do I do?

1 Reply
Bridget Otubu

Bridget Otubu May 11, 2020

Hi! Eva i must confess , this course is so mind blowing, i honestly can't thank you enough you give so much value that the price can't even be compared to it. However ,i have few questions for now just before i set up my new page

1: Is long caption advisable for a fashion brand into womenswear showcasing outfit ranging fom the regular aso ebi styles, bridals and ready to wear

2 Replies
Bridget Otubu

Bridget Otubu May 11, 2020

Also, as a business start up on instagram, is it advisable to include the to put the ready to wear items to gether with other customized designs..or just do them seperate page

2: In respect to giving value content as fashion designer , i want to do educational content that has to do with how involving the use of videos, illustrations with pattern and text for the carousels
Now, is it advisable for me to include all of these together with showcasing my item thinking about an important aspect that has to do with the grid of my page?

3:As regards the 30 comment challenge, wont it be seen as spamming for a newly set up page?

4: Also, as regards the tag bucket. For newly set up page, do i just put them anywhere or which one comes first?

Muktar Quraishi

Muktar Quraishi Jun 4, 2020

Hey Eva! I hope you're doing Great. 💛
I wanted to ask you that when I try to implement the engagement strategy that you talked about, and start commenting on various accounts then Instagram blocks me sometimes. Is there a limit to comments or the way you interact with people on Instagram? If yes, how does it work?

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Taneshia .

Taneshia . Jun 12, 2020

Hey Eva,

I’ve completed this hashtag class which was well explained by the way.

I’m a little confused on a few things and would appreciate your assistance.

I’ve been engaging on other accounts that have my following,leaving comments and liking post.

I am also engaging with my current followers as well.I noticed my following slowly increasing because of that along with my impressions,but I hardly have any likes.

I’ve respected the hashtag groups,but could it be that I am using the wrong ones?

Is there something that I’m not doing?

There seems to be a disconnect somewhere.


1 Reply
Kosi Molokwu

Kosi Molokwu Jun 19, 2020

Pls Eva you said we should follow our competions pages and comment meaningfully there, pls is it all my competition ill follow? If not is it the ones with higher engagement? And pls what happens when these competitions only post product pictures and little write up. How best do I comment without appearing like an attentions seeker? Your advice pls

1 Reply