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Self-care Reflective Guide

Self-care Reflective Guide

Have you ever struggled with showing yourself love, compassion, forgiveness and care?Do you think … Read more

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Have you ever struggled with showing yourself love, compassion, forgiveness and care?

Do you think about self-care as a specific activity which you always have to exchange money for?

Is your self-care tied with other people and locations?

This guide, has been created for you specifically.

 It will  help you focus on caring for yourself as a daily practice, free of the money exchange. It uses your six senses to give you back the power you always had beneath the layers.

 I have incorporated principles from mindfulness, to create easy-to-follow leading questions, which you can modify to fit your personal circumstances.

The goal, is for you to pay closer, attention to your own needs and the experiences you value in your daily life. For this to lead you to explore yourself more and perhaps, teach the people in your life how you would want to be treated and respected as a result of your self exploration.

I encourage you to do this as many times as you need to, and do it with a good dose of curiosity in mind.

Make it yours.

I believe in your value.


2 Reviews

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Amaka Asiodu

Amaka Asiodu

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Aug 20, 2020

Short and precise. Very practical and I found it useful


Aug 9, 2020

Well done Amaka. Thank you for focusing on an aspect of life many of us struggle with

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