THE BLUEPRINT TO DAILY SALES ON IG - The step by step guide to daily alerts on Instagram - KoboCourse
THE BLUEPRINT TO DAILY SALES ON IG - The step by step guide to daily alerts on Instagram

THE BLUEPRINT TO DAILY SALES ON IG - The step by step guide to daily alerts on Instagram

I saw the power of EXPOSURE in full force the day @officialblessingceo gave my … Read more

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I saw the power of EXPOSURE in full force the day @officialblessingceo gave my business a shout-out! (God bless her)


Just because my business was exposed to thousands of people, I was blown away by the number of DMs, followers, Visibility, business opportunities and new clients I got that day and the days that followed.


That day, I learned the secret to sales for small businesses and that is EXPOSURE/ AWARENESS!


After one of my client started her visibility crusade by exposing her products to the RIGHT people, she called me one day and screamed that "so nothing was wrong with my business coach! People just didn't know I exist!" Lol


Now, she's making millions monthly selling on Instagram without a physical store!


Yes people don't know you exist and that's why they are not buying from you.


Don't make the mistake of posting on your Instagram page only and then expect people to somehow miraclously stroll to your DM to patronize you.


It doesn't work that way if you desire massive sales on Instagram.


You need EXPOSURE to the right people, the BUYING crowd!


You need to create awareness!


You need to let people know what you sell!


You need to advertise to your potential customers!


You need them to see you!


One of the difference between no sales and the sold out group is EXPOSURE


¶Working with an Influencer may drive you out of business before you even establish yourself because of their high fees (some charges around 70k upwards per single post ) and I won't advise you go that path unless you truly can afford it.


But what if I show you the step by step method to making daily sales with instagram sponsored ads?


What will 10 orders a day or higher do for your business?


How can 30 orders each day help you grow and expand?


How about 50 orders? Or even hundreds?


What if I tell you that you don't need millions or even hundreds of thousands to make this happen?


What if I say you can predict and control the outcome of your ads?


What if I say the key to daily sales on Instagram is daily exposure and that comes by running instagram ads?


What if I say you don't need to waste time, efforts and money trying to figure it out on your own?


How about I teach you under 2 hours the exact Strategies that helped my one on one clients sell as much as 60 orders per day and above with under 5k followers?


What if you can sell higher than that if you wish to?


¶In this training, I will teach you all you need to hack your Instagram growth with sponsored ads.


How to find the buying crowd, where to find them, how to get their attention, how to covert that attention to sales and so much more


Click on enroll to sign up for this training that will transform your business and help you join the sold out gang on Instagram.


You also get 30 minutes brainstorming session with me after studying so I can give you specific Strategies related to your business that you can work with Immediately.


Are you ready to change your Instagram experience? Click on enroll let me reveal the secrets to you


1 Review

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Boluwatife Adegoke

I'm passionate about helping business owners build their business and make great sales via Instagram. Pls contact me @touchofgold_brand Read more

Aug 2, 2020

Thank you touch of Gold! Very detailed and value packed. This training is beyond running ads alone, now I know exactly how Instagram works for businesses, expect me in your DM soon ma

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