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THE INSTAGRAM MONETIZATION BUNDLE - Grow & Monetize with Digital Products

If your Instagram is not making you Money, You are Wasting Time. This course … Read more

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If your Instagram is not making you Money, You are Wasting Time. 

This course is a Bundle of Live Masterclasses and classes on various Strategies that will help you begin Making money with your Instagram and do it in 30 Days or Less

If you are not yet Making Money with your Instagram page and you are ready to Monetize your Account, this Masterclasses will reveal to you my Secret Strategies for Monetization and How I have been able to have daily Paydays from teaching what I know.

This course has been crafted and structured for Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Creatives and anyone who is passionate about selling Digital products in the form of Ebooks, Masterclasses, Online courses, Coaching sessions etc.

If you know something that others do not know, you can Teach, and if you can teach, you can make a lot of Money teaching what you know online. 

There are so many ways to Monetize your Instagram page but how you choose to do it will be completely up to you.

The list is endless but here are a few that come to mind

  • Coaching
  • Offering services: Design, Copywriting, Hashtags research,
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Content Design and Management
  • Affiliate programs
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Brand deals and Sponsorships
  • Selling physical products
  • Selling Digital products
  • Counselling
  • Selling Shoutouts and Paid advertising

Personally my favorite way to monetize so far is with digital products. 

I Teach you what I know from doing it myself.


This is NOT for You

-if you do not believe you can invest in yourself to do the work required

-if you cannot commit 2-4 hours daily on Instagram


Growing and Monetizing your Instagram is not something you just want. You have to be willing to work for it. Are you committed enough? 

You Get these 7 Masterclasses

_How to Sell in the DMs

_How to Create Digital Products that Sell like Crazy

_How to Turn Visitors into Followers

_The Hashtags Crash course

_5 Steps for growing a Money Making Instagram Page

_$2500 in 30 Days selling Ebooks

_10 Steps to making Money with Digital products


All of these classes have been carefully handpicked to help you grow a money making page, position yourself as an Expert and Create Digital Products that will make you Bank.

Even if you do not know where to start, this training will guide you into making a better decision about your content marketing efforts. Start making Money on Instagram. 


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1 Review

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Marta Alcober

Aug 5, 2020

Just finished “How to sell on the Dms” and it is so good! Thank you for all the amazing information!