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WRITE AND GROW RICH USING YOUR SMARTPHONE: Learn how to write quality ebook, sell thousands and create wealth for yourself

WRITE AND GROW RICH USING YOUR SMARTPHONE: Learn how to write quality ebook, sell thousands and create wealth for yourself

Are you a writer, entrepreneur, or an online marketer? Do you know that one … Read more

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Are you a writer, entrepreneur, or an online marketer?


Do you know that one simple ebook you create with your Smartphone from the comfort of your home can change your financial life forever? It can make you a millionaire overnight and it's simple and easy to create. 


All you need to do is to follow the very step by step guide I'm going to show you, know the things you should do in each step and the things you shouldn't do when creating and selling your ebook.


From 2013 to 2017 I was where you are.  I struggled so much with my writing that at a time, I concluded that writing is not meant for me and was forgetting about it. After all, my father and my mother were never writers.


"So, how could I possibly become a writer not to talk of making money from it?" this was the question I asked myself over and over again.


But to make sure I improve on my writing skills and find a way to make money from it, I used to spend most of my time on the internet searching for  information but it seems the more I tried, the more confused I became.


But you know what, sometimes I will have all the ideas for my book flowing in my head but immediately I pick up my writing tools, everything will disappear. I will not know anything to write again, I will just be looking at the black page.


During this time, I had a lot of questions and some of them were:


  • How can I improve my writing skills?
  • How can I organise my thoughts and write them down?
  • How can I write a successful eBook and make money from it?
  • How can I overcome writer's block e.t.c.?


You know you cannot go far with your writing career if you don't know how to improve your writing skills, organize your ideas/thoughts properly and also avoid some terrible mistakes many writers make and fail, without getting these and other things right; you won't succeed your writing no matter how hard you try.


Luckily, on November 3rd, 2017, I attended my first online training where I learnt so much about eBook creation and how to monetise it. This was where I had my breakthrough. I learnt deep things about writing such as the things I was doing wrong and the right way to do them and all my questions were answered.


In 2018, I published my first book and the rest, as they say, is history.


Having been where you are now, I understand how frustrating it is and how you are feeling and that's why I want to hand over to you the guide on how to create and monetise your ebook following proven steps. You will understand what works and what doesn't work when it comes to writing your ebook and making money from it.


You should know that a single mistake you make while creating and selling your ebook can destroy all your efforts. And this is why you should have a good knowledge of book writing processes before you begin or continue with your writing if you want to succeed.


Of course, you can choose to try your luck on free information here and there on social media or on the internet...you might eventually succeed one day, but it's going to take you many years of real hard work.


Or you can take the shortcut of learning from someone who has been able to build steady 6-7 figures writing career working from the comfort of his home office with a Smartphone.


In this ebook, I have taken out my time to include everything you need to know about how to create, design, title, sell your eBook and earn a living from it like other writers.


With this book, you will not struggle again or be worried about how to write your book and earn from it because I'm going to hand over to you my years of experiences in the writing industry.


And here are just some of the things you will learn:


  • How to confirm that your book will sell well before you begin to write it. You will learn how to be sure that people will buy your book once you finish writing it so that you don't waste your time writing what people will not buy from you.


  • The perfect tools you will use to create your eBook without a struggle. Here, I will show you the tools professional writers are using to write their books without any stress and it's free to use. You can use it like others to write your book


  • What profitable writers do that you don't. You will learn what other writers who are ahead of you did to become successful writers today so that you can become a successful writer too.


  • Highly ‘guided secrets’ of being a writer which experts are hidden from you for the fear of competition. Information is power and when you have the right information that is only available with few writers, you will succeed faster. You will learn it here.


  • How to generate ideas that guarantee sales to create your eBook. There's nothing better than knowing how to generate hot ideas to write your ebook that people will be rushing to buy when you publish it. You will learn how to do it in this chapter.


  • The whole step by step process of writing a successful eBook from the scratch to the finish even if you are a newbie using your Smartphone. You will learn everything you need to know to write a successful and quality ebook without biting your fingers.


  • How to title your eBook to command sales….reasons behind every book title that sells massively. If you mess up with your ebook title, you are gone. You can hardly make any sales and giving your book a perfect title is one of the hardest things to do but I will show you how to do it easily because I have learnt it by experience.


  • Avoid these costly mistakes most writers make and fail in order to succeed. You will learn the terrible mistakes most writers always do and fail


  • How to improve your writing skills and write like a pro. Here, you will learn what professional writers did to improve their writing skills and how you too can do the same to become a great writer.


  • Why most writers never succeeded in their writing career and how to avoid their pitfalls. Would you like to know the pitfalls of most writers and avoid them? It is important you know them and you will learn everything about in this chapter.


  • How to overcome writer's block and create your bestselling eBook. Writer’ block is one of the greatest challenges every writer face but once you learn how to defeat it, you will be able to write a bestselling ebook.


  • How to make massive money selling your eBook: What is the gain of spending your time and energy writing a book without making money from it? Even though you write for the passion of it alone, wouldn't you be happy to learn how to earn from it? You will learn how to sell thousands of your ebook with daily bank alert here.







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