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Writing ain't hard

Writing ain't hard

From 300 dollars to barely 90$.I was deeply hurt. I spent months trying to … Read more

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From 300 dollars to barely 90$.

I was deeply hurt. I spent months trying to finish ghostwriting the book.

Everything failed me and after, I vowed to find a way to get better.

A ghostwriter and content creator such as me must always show up or I won't get paid

Every writer who wants to make money must be able to write consistently and creatively.

The secrets in this small ebook changed my life.

I'm paid more for basically doing nothing special. I work less and stress less about delivery.

In this Ebook, I've detailed the journey I took and the methods I tried. And you know the best part, it's backed by science!

You will also learn How to find ideas, how to have the best ideas, how to store and combine ideas, ways to beat writers block and how to write to make your clients willing to pay more.

If you are a ghostwriter, content writer, copywriter just like me, or even an aspiring writer, then this book is for you.

I've earned hundreds of thousands just by putting good words on paper and so can you.

From now till the 8th of October, my writing ain't hard course Ebook will be sold at half the price.

And after that, it's back to 5000NGN.




₦5,000.0 ₦5,000.0

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