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The All Or Nothing Bundle

The All Or Nothing Bundle

This complete collection of Courses, Masterclasses is for Coaches, Content creators, service providers and … Read more

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This complete collection of Courses, Masterclasses is for Coaches, Content creators, service providers and new entrepreneurs who use Instagram for Business. It contains several classes and courses to teach you Instagram Growth, Content creation, Canva Design for Beginners

Master The Instagram Game: 0-5000 Followers Blueprint

The Ultimate Instagram Growth plan with secret strategies to help you Increase your Engagement and Grow your Followers. My Strategy for growing 44,000 Followers in 11 Months!

Stop trying to do it on your own, wasting time and getting frustrated that your Instagram is not growing and your followers keep unfollowing.


  1. How to set up your Instagram Profile for success
  2. How to position yourself as an expert so people follow you
  3. How to discover your Niche
  4. How to Write captions so that people engage with you
  5. How to Hunt your followers and get them to follow you
  6. The secret Hashtag Hacking strategies to get your Hashtags working
  7. The Engagement strategy the Pros use to grow their pages



How To Film And Edit Videos On Your Phone



  • -How to transform your Mobile phone into a power Filming gadget regardless of the brand.
    -All the Tools, gear and Equipment required to Film Videos with ease and create professional shots on your phone
    -Lighting setup and tips for the best quality, Setting up Lighting kits and when needed.
    -Best Settings for the Front and Back camera
     -Best tricks for getting clear videos


-The best apps for Editing Videos on iOS and Android
-How to Edit and Cut multiple Clips into the Timeline and add multiple layers
-How to Add multiple Text layers and Subtitles to your Videos
-How to Change Video Background 
-How to add music to your Video and create a compelling sound design on mobile
-The best way to Edit for Youtube vs Instagram, Different Video sizes, Framing and Formats


-The Secrets of Video Content Creation
-Hacking Instagram and Finding your ideal audience
-How to get Content ideas for your Videos
-How to Get more Views for your videos on Instagram


How To Edit Beauty Photos On Your Phone

Learn How to Edit like a Pro and Bring your Beauty Photos to Life, using only your Phone. 

As a small-biz owner and Beauty enthusiasts, you may not be able to afford high tech equipment or even professional photographers for your Photos. As a content creator, it is also important that you know how to create your own images on your own on the go.

I teach you in this Lesson how to take the Power back into your hands and Edit photos by yourself.

The apps you will need are FACETUNE and VSCO, both of which you can download for free on Apple and Android devices


How To Turn Visitors into Followers 

In this Masterclass you will learn the core aspects of your page that requires Auditing, like your Bio, Your Content, even your Instagram handle. 

I teach you what to look out for and how to make changes so that your marketing efforts on Instagram can translate to actual followers on your Page

  • Why Do people Follow you
  • How to Attract more Followers
  • How to make people interested in what you do
  • What type of Content should you make to encourage people to follow you
  • How to Set up your Bio
  • How to Choose the best Profile Photos
  • Why the Link in Bio is important


The Hashtags Crash-course Quick guide

How To Design Ebooks In Canva

How To Design Ebook Cover in Canva 


Carousel Design Masterclass - How to Design Carousels in Canva on Mobile/Computer

Design Seamless and Stunning Carousels in Canva on your Phone or PC. This Masterclass will teach how to create endless Ideas for your Carousels and Design them in Canva even if all you have is your Phone.

You will Learn:

-How to Choose Fonts

-How to Create your own Color Scheme and Brand Pallets

-How to Use Images in your Designs

-How to Title your Carousels for Engagement

-How to use shapes and colors to create seamless carousels

-Designing with Gradients and Textured backgrounds

-How to Find Photos for your Carousels

-Create your own Page theme


All of the classes and courses in this Bundle are perfect for you if you are new to content creation, Instagram marketing and using Instagram for business and ready to take your brand to the next level on Instagram by creating better content and using Instagram better.


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7 Reviews
Taneshia .

Jun 12, 2020

I loved this course. It was short, sweet and straight to the point, which I liked-being the fact that I’m a mompreneur and my time is very limited.I used the hashtag groups carefully respecting the course guidelines and saw instant results.I saw an increase in my followers and a jump in my impressions. I haven’t fully mastered it all yet, but I’m sure that I’m well on my way if I remain consistent.Thanks,Eva🙂

Oluwatosin Taiwo

Jun 3, 2020

Eva ! This is Marvellous stuff! Hacking Instagram and mastering the game . thanks so much . Really need to sit down and listen over and over 🔥🔥🔥

Avia Grierson

May 23, 2020

OH WOW!!! This is hands down the best course i've ever purchased, no fluff straight to the point with strategies that are easy to implement. Yes my heart is skipping beats because i'll stepping out of my comfort zone. This really proves that you don't know what you don't know. She definitely gave me what I didn't get from the 365 million free youtube videos I watched on how to grow your IG account.

Ona Alordiah

May 14, 2020

I just came out from a higher value lecture and I'm so excited to put into practice all that has been shared.If you seriously want to grow your page and tired of doing trial and error like me🥴 this course would be worth your penny and time!There so much I learnt especially the story highlight game and engagement game.As I listened through the course I had this deep inner conviction that this information came from a place of mastery and I was so assured in my spirit that the only thing left for me to win at my Instagram is to put in the work.So I'm off..ByeThank you, Eva,Please how do I navigate to the description menu for the link on how to set up my story highlights?

Adelέ A

May 11, 2020

Hi Eva, Thank you for a well detailed & explanatory course on the Instagram hacks. I can’t wait to put to action what I have learnt here & to share my growth with you soon.Thank You


May 10, 2020

Loved her execution and explanation. Really relatable and educative. Eager to start growing my following.


May 10, 2020

To be better,you must be willing to learn constantly. I really learnt a whole lot from this course, not only was it straight forward but impactful as well. I can’t wait to use all this knowledge ☺️ Thank you Eva,More knowledge to you.