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The Hashtags Crash Course - Complete Hacking Hashtags Strategy

The Hashtags Crash Course - Complete Hacking Hashtags Strategy

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7 Reviews

Enroll Now to SAVE. Early Bird Discount will Expire when the Timer stops!

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Learn The Secret Hashtag Strategies to Get High Quality Followers on Instagram & Attract Your Ideal Clients on Demand!

πŸ‘‰Even if your Hashtags don't work now

πŸ‘‰You have a very small following

πŸ‘‰or you simply can't figure out how Hashtags work!


Dear friend,

If you are a Coach, Consultant, Content creator or Business owner...

And you take Instagram seriously as a must have tool for your Business in 2020,

Then this may very well be the most important thing you need to Learn when it comes to Instagram.

Hashtags! #

Here's why:

Unless you have Thousands of Dollars to pump into Ads on Instagram to attract your Target audience and Ideal Clients, Hashtags are the bridge between you and your customers or dream clients on Instagram.

Hashtagging is Instagram's Best Kept Marketing Secret!πŸ’£

And I am going to show you exactly how to understand them once and for all, guaranteed!


Is this You or Naahh? πŸ‘‡

☹ You know how important Hashtags are in growing your Business but you just can't figure out how they work

☹ You Understand that Hashtags have the Power to Connect you to your Ideal Clients on Instagram but they are hella confusing for you

☹ You are spending a lot of time researching hashtags but your reach is still blehhh

☹ Your posts never rank for any tags you use and if at all, only barely

☹ Your page is growing ever so slowly and even worse, more people are unfollowing you daily

☹ You have watched endless YouTube videos and followed all the tips from Instagram gurus, yet nothing seems to work..



Taking This Course Will Transform The Way You Use Hashtags Forever!

Here's what you'll Learn in this Crash Course πŸ‘‡

πŸ”‘ Understanding the 3 Most important Factors that make Hashtags Work

πŸ”‘ How to DOMINATE HASHTAGS in your Niche so you can Attract Your Dream Clients on Demand

πŸ”‘ How to Audit Your Tags so they continue to Bring in Quality Leads for your business

πŸ”‘ Becoming clear on HOW TO SEARCH for hashtags for your page and content

πŸ”‘ How to create a WILDLY Successful Hashtag strategy that gets you new followers

πŸ”‘ The Best placements for Tags, In the Captions or the Comments? I have backing stats for this

πŸ”‘ My 3-STEP Simple Strategy for combining Hashtags and making them work

πŸ”‘ HOW to RANK IN THE TOP TAGS in Search every time

πŸ”‘ The MOST Detrimental Hashtags Mistakes you are making that is stopping your posts from getting ranked and new Followers from following you

πŸ”‘ The Content Conversion methods you need to know to drive engagement and improve your rankings

πŸ‘‰The Best Part Is You Only Need To Learn This Once! Then Replicate Your Results!


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7 Reviews
Adedamola Omotoso

Oct 25, 2020

The course actually answered every questions one could have on hashtag use. I've had a change after the course. Still mastering as well as one must keep at it for the appropriate result to show forth. My followers have increased. Conversion to buyers is also a work in progress. All the same. Thanks for a beautiful job Eva

Ayomi Fash

Oct 25, 2020

This hashtag crash course opened my eyes to the many mistakes I've been making with hashtags. Sincerely, this is not the 1st hashtag course I've registered for but this is definitely the best so far. Eva explains in so much detail how to find and use hashtags to improve visibility on instagram.
I would definitely recommend this course for any business owner who uses social media especially instagram for business.
I now know how to search for relatable hashtags to increase post reach and not use any hashtag just because its popular.


Oct 25, 2020

Thank you so much eva ,this course was worth every single coin paid and more. I will recommend it to anyone who like me needs a no bull shit , no time wasting ,straight to the point and super effective hashtag knowledge.
i have seen massive difference in my engagement even with my tiny implementation imagine when I go ham . once again thank you and well done


Oct 25, 2020

The course was great! Eva went thru a lot of information very effectively! Easy to follow with clear instructions. And the results are amazing! I’m still working on creating consistency with my hashtags, but I already see improvements! Thanks Eva!

Sharon Ndiaye

Oct 25, 2020

This class was brilliantly presented. Eva gave us her unique way of researching and understanding hashtags, and though I already knew a lot about hashtags, I learned a lot from her masterful presentation and explanations. Plus, Eva is an incredible teacher and a lot of fun to learn from. 5 stars!


Oct 25, 2020

This course was really extensive. It covered everything I needed to know about hashtags from their purpose to how to properly use them. I like that Eva is not willing to lie and doesn't hide the fact that there is work and monitoring to be done. The course comes with a booklet that I found really useful as well and that I'll probably keep forever.


Oct 6, 2020

Thanks Eva, epic masterclass! Excited to start using hashtags the right way.

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