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All-in-one solutions for online coaches

Build your profitable online coaching business with our effective collection of tools

Kobocourse Membership

Earn on your own terms with your own membership site.

Using WhatsApp, Facebook or Telegram to organize your membership groups can be frustrating and hard to manage, not to mention, difficult to scale as well.

Save more time and manage thousands of students from a single membership site. Only paying students are granted access to your membership site.


  • Easy to setup and customize with just a few clicks.
  • Add and remove courses however you choose.
  • Constantly share resources like videos, audios and several other document formats like Powerpoint, ebooks, Word document to keep your community engaged.
  • Write blog post and share ideas with your community.
Kobocourse Video Player

Sell Ebook and Video courses easily - Just upload and start selling.

Uploading your Video and Ebook courses is the easiest part of selling your courses on Kobocourse.

It takes only a few minutes to setup and you're well on your way to start earning money from your online courses.


  • Upload video or ebook courses.
  • Add a sales period and switch your price automatically when your timer expires. This is guaranteed to help you increase your conversion rate.
  • Easily setup Pre-orders on your courses.
  • Add coupons to drive more sales.
  • Set autoresponse to engage with your student the momemt they buy your course.
  • View detailed analytics of how your course is performing.
Kobocourse Coaching

Create and sell one-on-one coaching gigs.

Train your students at your own time. Schedule your one-on-one training ahead of time and teach at your convenience.

Kobocourse allows you to create one-on-one coaching gigs with your student which helps your create a personalized and well tailored experience for your students.


  • Easy to setup and customize with just a few clicks.
  • Choose your preferred date and availability.
  • Select your training method whether it is a Zoom call, WhatsApp call or a Physical training, we have you covered.
  • Close your coaching gig whenever you choose.
  • Recieve notifications of upcoming coaching gigs.
Kobocourse Tickets

Create and sell Tickets to your webinar, group coaching or live events.

Planning a webinar, group coaching or live event? Our tickets tool gives you absolute control and helps you automate the entire process.

Avoid the frustration of reaching out to each participant and focus on delivering your best training yet.


  • Easy to setup and customize with just a few clicks.
  • Limit the amount of tickets you want to sell.
  • Automatically close your ticket on your choosen date.
  • Abandoned purchase? No problem -- Setup your customized message on abandonment and get more people to fulfil their orders.
  • Setup an autoresponse to deliver your training access link or other useful information once the purchase is successful.
  • Automatically close your ticket at your specified date.
Kobocourse Emails

Grow your online coaching with our robust email marketing solution.

No online coaching platform is complete without a robust email marketing solution to help you drive more sales.

Our email marketing solution helps you engage with your students easily without needing another email marketing provider.


  • Send emails directly from Kobocourse to your students.
  • Optimize your email marketing for better conversion with our robust email analytics
  • Keep track of who opened your emails and re-target those who don't -- Yes, that is possible on Kobocourse.
  • Analyze your open rates and click-through rate to optimize for better converting email campaigns.

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