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Welcome to your first course at MND and your first assessment too.Here are some … Read more

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Welcome to your first course at MND and your first assessment too.

Here are some tips to keep you organized during the employment preparation course. Please read this; it is essential.

This course will be completed in 3 weeks. All assignments need to be handed in. Please treat this as a GPA assessment course; it is for your benefit. It is condensed and practical to ensure that you can apply all information immediately and complete the module. Each week we will meet once on Friday at 8:00 pm Nigerian time, and you will be required to complete the post-class assessments and send it to me before Tuesday for feedback.

All assignments will be sent to me via email to

If the assignment is late, you will not get feedback on it.

All assignments will be marked using the Microsoft word review tab. You must know how to use this option to see and accept the changes I make to your resume and cover letter. Please review the video below for a tutorial.

As your instructor, I am the person you should contact with any questions about the course. Contact me via a comment here, so if possible, I can respond to everyone, and everyone can benefit from your question.

Our Course dates are as follows:

Friday, October 9th
Friday, October 16th
Friday, October 23rd

Each week on Friday, you will join via a link to our live class. You will also receive the course schedule for that day. Please come prepared it'll be interactive.

I am excited to meet you all.

Rooting for you,
Your Mummynextdoor


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