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Noruwa joseph Edokpolo

My journey from being an employee to starting my own business was tough, it didn’t have to be if I had someone to show me the ropes. As a business start-up consultant, I work alongside my customers to ease their transition into entrepreneurship.

I cut my teeth as a customer service specialist in 1992 working with a multi-national organization and this foundation has influenced my relationship with my customers, I hold them in the highest esteem. 

I’ve worked as a consultant since 2006 when I was trained on the internationally acclaimed Entrepreneurship development training program called the Start and Improve Your Business. A product of the International Labour Organization (ILO). Between then and now I have had the privilege of training and consulting for numerous business owners both within Nigeria and abroad

Starting and running my own business and enabling hundreds of entrepreneurs to start and run viable businesses has kind of given me an edge in this space. I’ve been able to teach -- and learn from -- hundreds of business owners, which has helped me get a clear understanding of their challenges, and how I can help. 

Besides, I am a certified organization development professional and I am also an ISO 9001 2015 Quality Management System certified auditor. These certifications have deepened my ability to provide business owners with all-around solutions to whatever start-up issues they may face.

My business start-up book, “On your Marks: A business start-up handbook” has been well received by respected business owners and it has sold a few thousand copies. 

I also offer my services pro bono as a leader in my local church where amongst other things I teach, mentor and counsel business owners.

My recent psychometric report says “that my empathy is likely to be well-developed. Being helpful is very important to you and others are likely to experience you as considerate, consistently warm-hearted and friendly”

I feel my customers when I work with them. it’s more than the data or the strategy it’s a bond, a commitment to stay on until we succeed together.