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Precious Adesina-ola

Precious Adesina-ola

Precious Adesina-Ola is the founder and owner of Wura Naturals an Afrocentric Natural Cosmetics Business.

At Wura Naturals we help you achieve glowing skin and healthy hair in the most natural and affordable way.
We are a female-owned homegrown company that uses natural and herbal ingredients sourced from within the continent of Africa, to create great beauty products that you can use every day.
Even though we come from a heritage of great DIY homemade African beauty recipes, we have dedicated our time since 2014 to research and formulate natural beauty products that give you beautiful skin and hair.

She is CIM UK certified and has also completed a business program on Entrepreneurship from the Pan Atlantic University, Lagos.

She has worked in developing teams and building the capability of front-liners across big multinationals like Diageo, Unilever and Suntory.
She is currently on a mission to help young professionals and businesses to become better and start from where they are.