The Ultimate Freebie Sales Funnel [LIVE WORKSHOP]
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The Ultimate Freebie Sales Funnel [LIVE WORKSHOP]

The Ultimate Freebie Sales Funnel [LIVE WORKSHOP]

This Complete Freebie Funnel course, stripped off of theory and grammatical jargon and filled with …

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This Complete Freebie Funnel course, stripped off of theory and grammatical jargon and filled with practical, ready-to-implement strategies that will take you from no sales to income in a short time.

We'll Cover:

✅ How to Create a Freebie / Lead-magnet that people are excited to Download (If they do not download it, you cannot make money with it)

✅ How to know what the best freebie for your business will be- To be honest, not everybody should create a Free Ebook.

✅ How To Design High Converting Landing pages..The Unspoken Psychological secrets of Opt-in pages and Landing pages that compels people to Sign up for your Freebie

✅ How to find out your overall winning topic so that your followers want to sign up without too much persuasion

✅ How to use your Feeebie to upsell to a higher ticket offer like your courses and coaching

✅ How to set up your Freebie for automatic downloads in your Email provider

✅ How to Create your own Automated Freebie funnel that sells for you on autopilot

✅ The simplest way to create a compelling Upsell and Tripwire that people are happy to pay for

✅ Email Conversion Secrets: How to write the proper email sequence that ensures your followers take up your offer

✅ What to do if you don't like sending emails and how to ensure your email list stays healthy and responsive

✅ How to create content that drives organic traffic to your Freebie for daily results

✅ Your evergreen Freebie funnel: how to reverse engineer the entire process and set it up to work on autopilot

and so much more!

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ONLY 7 ticket(s) left

$97.0 $397.0