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1.4k+ Online Coaches in Africa Trust Us to Deliver Their Online Courses Everytime, Everyday, All Year Round.

--- Here is what our top coaches have to say about Kobocourse.

As a Nigerian one of the most difficult things for us is having access to platforms that are not only easy to navigate but also have us in mind while creating them (in terms of pricing and accessibility to your money). For me kobocourse is that place to host your ebooks, online courses and/or coaching services especially if you are in Nigeria as every pain we go through, they understand and know exactly how they can help us out. Personally, I cannot afford their customer experience, it’s top-notch (luxury experience). I can be a pain in the neck but they are always available to help out and answer every one of my questions. I highly recommend Kobocourse as that platform for you if you are a coach, consultant, entrepreneur or digital creator.

Lucky Elohor

Lucky Elohor

Kobocourse made it possible for me to launch my first ever online course without stress! As a Graphic designer, I had always wanted to demystify design for people and this was why I launched the Canva Design course. It was quite easy to navigate the Kobocourse platform and set up my account. I also loved the fact that I got fast customer support whenever I needed one. It has overall been a great experience on this platform and I'd continue to use it.



Kobocourse is every Nigerian Digital Creator's dream come true. I had been nursing the idea of creating an online course, but I didn't have the right platform. I love how the features are user friendly and straightforward. It gives you the opportunity to touch several lives, with the market place. Their customer service is top-notch, I dare say you would not find a friendlier Tech customer service anywhere in the world.

Alero Ayanru

Alero Ayanru

Vay Business Solutions

Sell video courses

Sell Ebooks and Video Courses

We have made it easy for you to start selling your ebooks and video courses online without any technical skill.

Sell one on one coaching calls

Sell One-On-One Coaching

Teach your students at your own convenience and schedule. Set up one-on-one coaching gigs in 2 minutes.

Sell tickets

Sell Coaching Tickets

Starting a webinar, training workshop, WhatsApp or Facebook group? Sell online coaching tickets and grant instant access to your students.


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4 Key features you'll using Kobocourse

Video Preview

Sell digital courses

Sell your Ebooks or Video courses with ease.

With just a few clicks, upload and start selling your video or ebook courses with ease. It takes only a couple of clicks and less than 5 minutes to have your course uploaded and ready for sale.


Get paid

Receive your money directly into your bank account.

Get paid when someone buys your course directly into your bank account. Payments are sent automatically by our payment partners -- No stories

Email marketing

Email Marketing

Complete email marketing solution to boost sales on Autopilot.

Send emails directly from Kobocourse to your students at no extra cost -- Track your sent emails, open rates and automate your email marketing campaign using our built-in email sequence and automation feature.

Custom branded pages

Branded profile

Customize your profile in a few clicks and zero tech skills.

Personalize your profile with your logo and banner -- Our branded profile has proven to increase conversion rate by up to 55% and our coaches love it. Set up your profile in a few clicks without any technical or coding skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you may have some burning questions -- Here are some of our frequently asked questions.

Is Kobocourse really free to use?
Absolutely -- You can upload and sell 3 digital courses, one-on-one coaching gigs and tickets for Free on the Kobocourse platform without any financial commitment.
How much is Kobocourse transaction fee?

We charge a small fee per transaction when someone buys your Course, Coaching Gig or Ticket. Please see the table below

Free Plan Premium Plan USD
Courses 16.5% 7.5% 12.5%
Coaching 7.5% 7.5% 12.5%
Tickets 7.5% 7.5% 12.5%
What African countries is Kobocourse active?
Kobocourse is currently active in 4 African countries, these are Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa
How many courses can I upload on the free account?
You can upload 3 ebook courses on the free account and unlimited video courses on our premium account. Learn more about our premium service.
Do I need coding skills?
Absolutely Not. If you can share a post on Facebook, you can easily upload your courses on Kobocourse
How do I get paid when someone buys my course?
Your earning are automatically credited to your bank account by our payment within 24 hours for local transactions and up to 7 working days for international transactions. Weekends and public holidays are excluded
Can I send emails to my students directly from Kobocourse?
Yes. Kobocourse has a robust set of email marketing tools to help you connect with your students directly from your dashboard.
Can I export my students emails from Kobocourse?
Yes, you can easily export your student information from Kobocourse without any special permissions.
Why should I upgrade to premium?
There are several benefits of upgrading to our premium service.
  • Unlimited courses
  • Unlimited monthly emails to your students
  • Customized/Branded profile page. Learn more
  • Email sequence and automation. Learn more
  • Faster customer support
Can I cancel my premium subscription anytime?
Yes you can, simply send a mail to Please note that you will loose all the benefits that comes with being a premium member.

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