Quick guide on managing your account on kobocourse

Accounts on kobocourse are grouped into two categories, your personal account profile and creator account profile. Each profile type requires different sets of information.

Personal Account

Your personal account profile requires you to provide information such as your name, profile picture, a short bio about yourself and country.

Fig 1: User Profile
Fig 1: User Profile

The information you provide is used to publicly display your profile when you purchase a product or leave a review.

Creator Account

In addition to your personal profile, creator account profiles requires a bit more information to help you customize the look and feel of your profile.


You can upload your brand logo and a cover image to completely personalize the design of your creator profile.

Fig 2: Brand Profile
Fig 2: Brand Profile

On your account settings page, click on the Branding tab to edit your creator profile. Some of the information you can customize on your creator profile includes the following;

  1. Brand Logo: You can upload a brand logo to make your account easily recognizable by user. If your brand logo is not uploaded, your profile picture will be used instead otherwise, no image will be shown on your account
  2. Cover Image: You can upload a cover image to further customize the look and feel of your creator account. If a cover image is not uploaded, a generic cover image will be used instead.
  3. Username: Your username forms the base part of your account on kobocourse usually in this format; A good rule of thumb is to use usernames that are short and easily recognizable by your audience.
  4. Account Name: Your account name is different from your personal profile name. This can be the name of your academy, school or institue. You can also specify your own name here if none of the above mentioned types applies to you.
  5. Summary: This is a short description of your account.
  6. Description: You can provide a detailed description about your business and offerings here to help people understand what your account is about.

Contact Information

Your creator account comes with its own dedicated contact form and information center. You can choose to activate your contact form and let people contact you directly from kobocourse. You can also connect your social media accounts by pasting your social media links in the appropriate fields. Only the social media links that you include are displayed on your profile.

Fig 3: Contact Information
Fig 3: Contact Information

Identity Verification

In other to help fight against fraudlent activities on kobocourse, creators are adviced to verify their identity in other to receive our verification badge.

The information you provide is only used to verify your identity and it is deleted once your verification is complete.

Fig 4: Identity Verification
Fig 4: Identity Verification

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