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Effective Date: November 18th, 2023

Thank you for choosing Kobocourse. This Refund Policy outlines our approach to refunds for course, tickets, memebrships and online coaching purchases made on our platform.

1. Refund Responsibility:

1.1 Intermediary Role:

Kobocourse acts as an intermediary connecting course creators with learners. We facilitate transactions but do not own or create the courses offered on our platform.

1.2 Refund Direction:

Refund requests for courses or online coaching should be directed to the respective course creator. As an intermediary, we do not handle refunds directly, and the refund policy for each course is determined by the individual course creator.

2. Course Creator Refund Policies:

2.1 Course-Specific Policies:

Each course creator on Kobocourse may have their own refund policy. Learners are encouraged to review the specific refund terms provided by the course creator before making a purchase.

2.2 Contacting Course Creators:

If you have questions about a refund or wish to request one, please contact the course creator directly. Contact information for course creators can usually be found on their course pages or in the course materials.

3. Exceptional Circumstances:

3.1 Platform Issues:

In the rare event of technical issues or errors related to [Your Online Course Platform] that prevent access to a purchased course, learners may contact our customer support for assistance.

3.2 Unauthorized Transactions:

If you believe there has been an unauthorized transaction on your account, please contact our customer support immediately for investigation.

4. Contact Us:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our refund policy, please contact our customer support at

By using Kobocourse, you acknowledge and agree to the refund policy outlined above. We appreciate your understanding of our role as an intermediary connecting learners with course creators.

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