UPDATES: Kobocourse Branded Profiles for Creators - Your Own Mini Website

29th Sep, 2020    1,092 Reads

UPDATES: Kobocourse Branded Profiles for Creators - Your Own Mini Website

Say Hello to your Brand New Creator Website on Kobocourse! We have made a few changes that …


UPDATES: Kobocourse Branded Profiles for Creators - Your Own Mini Website

Say Hello to your Brand New Creator Website on Kobocourse!


We have made a few changes that we cannot wait for you to begin to use. 

You can get started right now to implement these changes on your Kobocourse profile so you can go from a regular profile to a Customized, Branded, Creator website!

I mean, look at all of these changes and customizations that you have right now! 

This is a game changer for your online brand as a Course Creator. 

Now when you send your audience to your Kobocourse.com/yourprofilename page, they will see a single Webpage, all branded and customized like a website for you.

These are some of the features of your brand new Kobocourse Branded page and website. 

We have also included a few tips below to help you increase your Sales and awareness of your new Kobocourse website. 


What's New!?


Your Branded Header Banners and Logo

One of the most important elements of a one page website is the header image and logo. πŸ‘‡

This is where your audience and customers look at first contact with your website. 

Take a look at what your brand new kobocourse.com/yourprofilename will look like once you Edit your profile. 

Upload Your Own Personalized Banner , Logos and Bio Statement

You can create a simple banner and logo customized with your brand colors, imagery etc, in a matter of 3 minutes using an App like CANVA or OVER. 

Simply go to your preferred graphic design app and create your own Banner to upload to your profile.



All Your Courses Displayed on your Site

By sharing your direct kobocourse.com/yourprofilename link, you are boosting the opportunity for people to buy one or more of your courses by 50%! Now with your new Branded profile and Creator website, you can show off your best reviewed courses in one page like thisπŸ‘‡

This is a pretty big deal especially for those of you who have more than one course to promote. 

Begin to take advantage of this now and ensure you are sending as much traffic to your Kobocourse Creator website.


Show Off Your Students Plus Reviews Badge

We have also placed a neat curation of some of your students right on your Creator Website now so when visitors come to your page from the link in your bio on Instagram, they see your students and the people you have impacted.

Student Profile Plus Reviews

This type of Social Proof is so important because it can be the single reason people want to buy your courses and learn from you. Having social proof is one of the best marketing and sales tactics used by businesses and we are positive that as you send more people to your direct Kobocourse.com/yourprofilename link , you will increase awareness for yourself as a Creator.

This is already set automatically for every Creator page, you don't have to do anything when you go to Edit Your Kobocourse Profile


Your Tagline and Bio Description

Below is a sample of Eva's brand new Creator website on Kobocourse. Her tagline says β€œEarn Money Teaching What You Know”. 

What is yours going to say? Time to get creative! 🀩

When you go to Edit your Kobocourse Profile, ensure that you include a well written description of yourself as a Creator and how you help people. You can steal a few ideas from Eva's branded page below.


What you say and how you say it is very important, so please do not rush through this process. 

You may also want to keep your description here short and sweet. Also do not hesitate to talk about your courses like Eva has done here, promoting one of her signature courses in her description.


Time to Edit Your Branded Profile 

SIGN IN to your Creator Studio on kobocourse.com

Head over to Creator Profile from the Dashboard menu and click on the button β€œBranded Profile” as shown belowπŸ‘‡


Once in, you can change your name, description, add header and banner images, add your own logo and begin to promote this as your own Website.

The possibilities with this is endless! Click here to see Eva's custom creator website  http://kobocourse.com/creatorialz

Also ensure to take a Few minute today to edit your own Creator Branded profile and begin sharing your direct link with your audience. 


How to Promote Your Profile to Get More Sales


Once you edit and customize your Kobocourse profile to be on brand and representing of you, there is so much you can begin to do to drive traffic to your page.

Our best suggestion is you place this as the only link in your Bio on Instagram and Twitter. 

Since you are creating a lot of weekly content on these platforms, every time you tell your audience - β€œClick the link in my bio to download xyz..” they head straight to your Creator Website on kobocourse where you have all your other courses displayed.


So you not only get a chance to drive that lead to one course, they now can see EVERYTHING that you have to offer. 

Thanks to the Social Proof of reviews and students you have, your chances of converting that lead to a paying customer are greatly improved. 

Try this for the next couple of weeks. 

Have a single link in your bio - kobocourse.com/yourprofilename 


Let's show you off!

Once your Branded page website is edited and customized, take a screenshot to your Instagram story and tag us @kobocourse so we can repost it and show you off too!


Are you excited? 

We are! Now let's get creating!